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A Note from Maria Shriver

Please read this terrific op-ed piece from Alzheimer's advocate Maria Shriver.

Whenever I present in the community, I always talk about things we can do that are within our control. This includes, "diagnosing & detecting early, learning about Alzheimer's disease research and participating, and telling others!" Please see my favorite part of her piece below: "Make calls, knock on doors, and raise awareness where you live. Take a cognitive assessment each year after age 50, and ask family members and friends to do the same. Scientists need your participation in clinical trials, so sign up. Make the effort to know people in your life who are caregivers — and support them." --Maria Shriver Every step we make in this direction gets us closer to finding better treatments and ultimately a cure. Thank you Maria!

Click here to read the whole article.

Dr. Elizabeth Vassey -Team BCM

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