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Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter Map Through the Maze Conference 2014

BCM presented at a conference for Alzheimer’s Care Professionals (Left to Right) Brian Sussman, Dr. Paul Solomon, Dr. Elizabeth Vassey, Adriane Kisch-Hancock, and Susie Romito presented their poster titled, “Using the New Diagnostic Guidelines for Alzheimer’s Disease in Clinical Practice.” Drs. Solomon and Vassey were members of the faculty and lectured at the conference.

Dr. Solomon’s presentation, “Saving 6 Million Minds: An Update on the Alzheimer’s Vaccine and Other Emerging Treatments” focused on discussing a newer class of medications, known as disease modifying medications, which are currently being evaluated for their ability to preserve brain cells and to slow and perhaps even halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Vassey’s presentation, “A Comprehensive Diagnostic Approach for MCI, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Other Dementias” focused on the importance of accurate diagnosis, which can be accomplished through a multi-specialty approach in treating patients with dementia. Attendees obtained information about the components of a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and it’s relationship to effective treatment.

Dr. Andrew Budson (not pictured) was also part of the faculty. His presentation, “Memory Systems in Dementia” focused on recent developments in the field of cognitive neuroscience to explain the different memory systems in the brain and how these systems are disrupted by dementia using case-based examples.

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