Victoria L. A. Guinn

Certified Rater
Clinical Neuropsychometrician

Victoria transitioned from a full-time Clinical Research Coordinator to a consultant specifically as a certified rater and Clinical Neuropsychometrician. She made this transition as she is currently earning her Master's degree in Psychology at Palo Alto University and plans to pursue a doctoral degree in Psychology. 


In her original roles at BCM, she administered new patient and follow up neuropsychological assessments in our clinical practice, served as a certified rater and coordinated clinical research trials in pharmacotherapy for MCI and AD. She began her career at BCM learning to administer new patient and follow up neuropsychological assessments and collaborating with the clinical research coordinators, clinical research manager, and completed tasks related to BCM's clinical trials. 


Victoria graduated from Furman University with a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Religion. While psychology was her focus, she hopes to use the knowledge she learned about religion and the role that it plays in many people’s lives to better care for and respect future patients’ needs.

While earning her degree, she worked as a research assistant on a 4-year, muti-institutional, longitudinal study of resiliency in college students, concentrating on how stress impacts the college experience. During her first year post-baccalaureate, Victoria was promoted to research coordinator on the same study of resiliency.

During her first year out of college, Victoria also volunteered at a neurological rehabilitation center where she was given the opportunity to observe neuropsychological assessments and was introduced to clinical research.