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Welcome Dr. Feyza Marouf, MD, BCM's Geriatric Psychiatrist

Please give a very warm welcome to Dr. Feyza Marouf, MD, BCM's Geriatric Psychiatrist as she joins our clinical team!

BCM has historically provided services in behavioral neurology and clinical neuropsychology. Now going into our 9th year, we are pleased to add geriatric psychiatry to our clinical services! Our services are based upon a multi-specialty treatment team approach as all clinicians collaborate their expertise to provide diagnostic and follow up care, tailored and based upon the needs of the patient. Dr. Marouf is now accepting patients! If you have any further questions about these additional services, please contact our clinical administrative coordinator, Morgan Fins at 617-699-6927; ext. 2.

Dr. Marouf is board certified in adult psychiatry with additional subspecialty certification in geriatric psychiatry. She directs the Fellowship Program in Geriatric Psychiatry based at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is also an instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Prior to joining BCM, Dr. Marouf served as an attending psychiatrist in the geriatric psychiatry outpatient clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital. In this role, she provided direct clinical services to patients and their families, including integrating psychiatric, neuropsychological, psychosocial, medical, and neurological evaluations during extensive diagnostic assessment.

As an outpatient psychiatrist, Dr. Marouf worked closely with families and multidisciplinary clinical teams to develop individually tailored treatment recommendations, including the use of medication management, psychotherapy, family psychoeducation and social programs to address patient symptoms and support independence at home. She is an expert clinician in providing compassionate and collaborative care.

To read her full bio, click here!

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