Michael E. Sadler, PhD

Clinical Associate
Certified Rater

Dr. Michael Sadler is a Clinical Associate and Certified Rater at Boston Center for Memory. Dr. Sadler administers new patient and follow up neuropsychological assessments and serves as a certified rater administering outcome measures for clinical trials.  He has previous experience as a sub-investigator and certified rater at the Atlanta Center for Medical Research and The Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

Dr. Sadler previously worked as a Scientific Advisor for eResearch Technology in Cambridge, MA, where he served as scientific lead on global pharmacotherapy trials, developing rater training and certification to support international trials across psychiatry, neurology, and other medical therapeutic areas. He also provided consultation and training on best practices for the electronic collection of accurate and reliable clinical outcomes data.

Dr. Sadler earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. While completing his clinical program, he conducted basic research in speech perception and cognition in Dr. Richard Warren’s lab. Dr. Sadler completed his clinical internship at the Metropolitan Psychiatric Center in St. Louis, MO. 

Dr. Sadler received advanced training in research on aging, epidemiology, and biostatistics as a Guest Researcher at the Karolinska Institutet, Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, in Stockholm, Sweden.

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