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Clinical Care & Treatment

Evaluation and Diagnosis:

We provide our patients with a multi-speciality treatment team approach for their evaluation and diagnosis. Our new patient evaluations consist of a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation and neurological evaluation or psychiatric evaluation. Our clinical team will provide the patient and family with a diagnosis, specialized treatment plan, and recommendations including follow up care. 

Treatment & Follow up Care:

Once our patients receive their diagnosis, treatment plan, and recommendations, we continue to provide follow up care based upon the needs for outpatient treatment and care. The patient and family/caregivers will meet with a neurologist, psychiatrist or nurse practitioner and neuropsychologist and/or clinical associate at every follow up appointment. The follow up visits will be tailored to the needs of the patient and their treatment plan. 

To Schedule An Appointment:

Contact Yimaira, our clinical administrative coordinator at 617-699-6927 ext. 2 to schedule an appointment. To ensure we tailor our new patient evaluations to the patient's needs, our administrative coordinator will ask the patient or family/caregiver some questions prior to scheduling the evaluation. 

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